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To Know More About BSA

What is BSA?

BSA Business Sourcing Associate.

BSA means a person united with Hunt India Property in an act, Individual, enterprise, business or colleagues. HIP will identify a BSA by providing an individual BSA No. to all Associates with BSA Card.

Why to join as a BSA?


A HOME IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST PURCHASE YOU WILL EVER MAKE IN YOUR LIFE TIME. That is why it is important to enlist services of a qualified and experienced hunt India professionals to help you guide through this legal maze. Join us as a BSA, together we can create awareness to many. All our BSA Associates will receive latest market updates as a SMS alert, any consultations for BSA is FREE.
What is Reference?

‘Reference’ means the person who is interested to buy, sell or lease property; BSA can pass their information to Hunt India Property that will be considered as a BSA reference customer.
How to provide a Reference?

Call or SMS to the HIP designated telephone number 8080802208 (Mumbai),
Visit and Click Associate login, or also can accompany the customer to the nearest HIP Branch.
How the reference will benefit the BSA?

Associate referred customer once visit the property through HIP, if he/she finalised the same property, BSA will be entitled to receive 0.40% as sourcing fee on the final cost of the property deal.
How BSA will know that their Referred customer got converted into deal?

Once BSA referred customer visit HIP, BSA will receive 1st SMS alert on their registered mobile no. If the reference got converted into a deal the BSA will receive 2nd SMS about the same. Or at any point of time the BSA can call HIP customer care no to check the status of their referred customer.